Thursday, October 31, 2013

Bachelor Degrees Globally

There are many different types of bachelor degrees. Depending on what you are studying some take up to six years to achieve.Postgraduate degrees such as civil law degrees for students attending Oxford University are also consider to be bachelor degrees. The majority of bachelor degrees are given awarded to students who have completed four years of undergraduate college.English systems of academic degrees have an influence on many countries academic systems, theses countries include Ireland, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, India and Maltese. The English system of academics acknowledges honor degrees and pass degrees.To obtain an honors degree, the undergraduate is required to complete an additional year of school. This is an academic standard throughout the world. When the student is given his or her degree it will read B.A. (Hons).In regions of the world such as England, Northern Ireland and Wales, there are two different types of degrees. One is an ordinary degree and the other is an honors degree. Not all colleges offer both of these degrees, however if a student chooses to he or she can participate in either program.The Australian academic system also offers honor degrees and pass degrees. However an honors degree is awarded according to the students' academic record and achievements. For students who are studying in the scientific field, an additional year of study is required and they must complete a research project and a thesis.When the undergraduate program was developed in early 1800's, the there was only one type of bachelor degree it was called a Bachelor of Arts degree. It was in the late 1800's that another bachelor degree was called Bachelor of Science.In the United States, colleges and universities award to their students whose major study is academics a Bachelor of Arts degree. For students who are studying for careers such as nursing or finance, these students will receive a Bachelor of Science degree.For those students who are whose studies include physical sciences, they can receive either one of these degrees. Many colleges do not distinguish the difference between the two.For the students who want to continue their education beyond either one of these bachelors degrees. A master degree is given upon the completion of a few more years of study.There is a plethora of information regarding continuing education on the Internet. The website offers information that is easy to read and easy to understand regarding the different types of masters degrees that can be obtained through hard work and study.