Thursday, October 31, 2013

Online Degree Tip - Why Accreditation Is Important To You?

I am sure you have seen on various online degree websites, articles and newsletters about the important of ensuring your online degree program and online school are accredited by the legitimate accrediting agency. Do you know the reason behind it and why it so important to you?Why Accreditation Is Important To Online Students?Accreditation of online universities and their degree programs typically indicates these universities and their academic programs offered to their students had been undergone a rigorous review by one of a handful of Department of Education's accrediting agencies. The accreditation is a measure of an online degree program offered by a school has followed the academic guideline of Department of Education. It's also a common indicator of acceptance on a school's degree in the job market.That's why if you are earning a degree online and you intend to use the degree to start your career or to make a career move, you need to ensure that the online degree program is offered by an accredited online school. Many employers use the accreditation information to determine the legitimate of your degree.If you are apply a job position with a degree from an unaccredited online university, the employer might have doubt on the legitimate of your degree. They might ask you to provide proves on the legitimate of your degree. And, if there more candidates compete for the same position with you, then you might lose your competitiveness as employers will prefer to hire candidates who are holding a degree from universities they know. Most employers will have a list of accredited online universities or they can easily access to the list from or Department of Education website. Most employers are aware about the accredited universities, so if your degree is from an unknown online university or not listed in the accredited universities list, employers will have concern about your degree.Beware of Fake Accredited DegreeNowadays, as the important of accreditation awareness increase, many online students are concerned about accreditation. Hence, in order to compete with legitimate online universities in offering accredited online degree program, diploma mills (the organizations that issue fake degrees) do claim accreditation nowadays. The difference is the accrediting agencies that perform the accreditation process for diploma mills are not legitimate accrediting agencies which are recognized by Department of Education. The accredited degrees issued by those diploma mills are considered fake degrees.You must carefully ensure that your selected online degree program is from a real accredited online university before you enroll into the program. Always check with the accreditation database from to confirm your selected online university is listed. The consequence of holding a fake degree to apply for a job position does not only affect your career, it may also causes you involve into a legal case if the employer found out that your degree is issued by the diploma mill. In order to ensure your brighter future with the degree you earn from a university, you need to spend some time and efforts to confirm that the claimed accredited online degree program that you are interested in is from a legitimate accredited online university.SummaryAccreditation is important indicator on the quality academic program offered by online universities and it determines the acceptance of your degree in the job market. With the accreditation also being claimed by diploma mills, you must be smart enough to difference the real accredited and the fake accredited online university and avoid yourself from the trap.